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    Hi I'm using a 9900 without bis since it's so costly over at my region. I have a proper data plan from my service provider though. I can't use Whatsapp properly, only when I have wifi and when my Whatsapp feels like working on my data. I'd have to reinstall and reboot and yet it gets stuck initializing! Can anybody help, with some suggestions?
    10-06-11 05:58 AM
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    Without a BlackBerry data plan...many of the wireless feature sets will not work. Don't know about Whatsapp...but most of the rest will not.
    10-06-11 06:43 AM
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    It depends how any app is programmed to work. If the developer has programmed it to work with BIS/BES only through your gsm radio, you can't use it with your providers regular dataplan.
    Some apps have the option to put the network selection on auto or to manually select what to use. (WAP, WiFi, etc. ...)

    So it really depends on the app. For example the appworld app will only work through your gsmradio. That's because RIM programmed it that way.

    A blackberry without a blackberry dataplan really cripples the potential of your device.
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    10-06-11 07:29 AM
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    Like everyone has said. You will also consume data faster without the benefits of data compression through RIMs servers.

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    10-06-11 07:39 AM