08-08-13 10:35 PM
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  1. PinkFloydEffect's Avatar
    I love my 9350! So much more responsive, better resolution screen, customizable panels! It even has a lock button on the top where the mute button was and it locks AND unlocks like my HTC did, iHeart radio works flawlessly now and the internet is faster! The camera is much better quality and there is a very useful flash/video light!
    08-08-13 09:00 PM
  2. jmdolman's Avatar
    So Iheart radio is on regular Blackberry devices. From what I heard I thought it was only going to be only for the 10 devices plz explain
    08-08-13 10:20 PM
  3. PinkFloydEffect's Avatar
    Not much to say download and install it, works on the 9330 and with my 9350 lol the 9330 installed easier then the 9350, it was blocked out saying not compatible with my OS but I manually downloaded it and installed...works fine.
    08-08-13 10:35 PM
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