1. 5cents's Avatar
    I just got my bold 9780 2 weeks ago and it was fine for the first few days but then I started to notice that my cursor moves on its own and scrolls up and down and side to side.

    Also when I'm sending a text or bbm-ing the same thing happens but its really annoying because when I'm typing, it'll move the cursor the smiley face thing or somewhere on the previous messages and I won't realize. But when I finish typing, I see that I have nothing written.

    It's also been freezing alot and I only have 5 new apps that I downloaded from App world and 60 songs on it so far. So I'm sure its not that.

    I've heard that I should reload the OS. If that's what I should do can someone tell me how ?
    08-01-11 09:45 PM
  2. Zach7's Avatar
    Since you have loaded apps, try pulling your battery before going thru the steps of reloading your software. See if that clears it up.
    08-01-11 09:50 PM
  3. 5cents's Avatar
    I've done that a few times but the problem is still there
    08-01-11 09:52 PM
  4. Zach7's Avatar
    Well just doing a quick search I found this thread here on CB that speaks to a hardware issue and also talks about a piece of scotch tape over the track pad and it stopped moving the cursor. Weird.

    08-01-11 10:02 PM
  5. bagsabhi's Avatar
    i have the same problem... tried many things not fixed yet..i dont know what the problem is.. but while typing a msg try covering the track pad and it works fine.. i suppose it has something to do with its optical thing.. yup the scoth tape thing will work...
    08-01-11 11:21 PM