1. redbadger's Avatar
    I currently have a 8310, which I have had since October. Through my company, I can upgrade to a 8900 for $150 and a Bold for $200, which seem to be good prices.

    Based on your use of the devices, is it worth upgrading now from my 8310? If so, which device that is currently out do you recommend? I have played a little with both--is the 8900 or Bold really that much better than the 8310 (for the additional price, 150 or 200)?

    Finally, do we have any good intel on when the Onyx is going to be released? I remembering waiting and waiting for the Bold to come out last year, then finally gave up on waiting and got the 8310. Since it was through my company, I decided not to trade it back during the 30 days.

    Thoughts/opinions appreciated.
    07-20-09 12:42 PM
  2. frankiej's Avatar
    My list of blackberrys is as follows: 7290, 8700g, 8320, 8900 and I feel that bay FAR the 8900 is the best berry I have owned! I hear lots of good things about the Bold also but IMHO I dont feel the bold is better for $50 dollars more. I use my phone for school and business and I have been VERY happy with the 8900. Hopefully this helps a bit
    07-20-09 12:58 PM