1. weng0812's Avatar
    Please help, i'm recently updated to os, and when i go to camera, it come out "could not start the camera. Close other applications and try opening the camera again"..i have already wipe again and again, and reset the os , it not solving, can anyone help me ?
    07-28-11 12:27 AM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    did it work on OS 5, before you updated to OS 6?
    Did you do a BBSAK wipe and reload? DM and security wipe doesn't do a complete wipe.

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    07-28-11 05:36 AM
  3. justineporter's Avatar
    I have the exact same problem. I'm on my second phone because they can't figure out how to fix it and this phone is doing the same thing!

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    07-28-11 06:34 AM
  4. weng0812's Avatar
    I'm okay with os 5..Actually the camera was find when i updated by the day, after fews daay later, it come out that problem..any method to solve it?
    07-28-11 07:16 AM
  5. ruul620's Avatar
    This message is because two applications want to use camera. Remove battery and insert it. Now try use camera. If don't work press menu button and you could close all open aplications.
    08-01-11 05:24 PM