09-03-11 07:11 PM
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    There has to be a carrier service ticket for returns. So, if there is an issue with your phone call you carrier and establish a ticket number. Replacement applies to defects .. Not wear and tear and they will argue a squeeky button is normal use. Return for refund is 30 days if you buy outright.

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    Return is 90 days for buy outright according to my invoice.

    If you had a squeaky button and Wireless etc had a problem with Rogers you wouldn't replace it, you would obviously instead return it...and then buy another one without the squeaky button.
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    09-03-11 03:52 PM
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    I concur with mhw100. And for that matter, I had a squeaky button, and they were more than happy to exchange it for me on the spot, so with them it doesn't appear to be an issue (at least with the two reps that I dealt with).
    09-03-11 07:11 PM
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