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    I didn't tell anybody that was the ideal way to do it.

    Read my post again. All I said this is what I did, and at the end I said, this will ensure I have a smooth transition. I was addressing myself as to how I did it. I don't recommend this to anyone, bu guess what? 2 people tried it too and it worked for them.

    So save the rude comments noone asked you to backup restore my way. this is a public forum where people share their experiences and opinions.

    Now on the positive side, I agree with you that going through all those settings that you mentioned could be tedious. The reason I never found that as a problem, is because I don't have much customizations other than the profile ringtone and turn off vibration alerts.

    The rest I do with BeBuzz for different LED notifications, I don't like my BlackBerry to be noisy.
    No, you did not tell anyone this was the ideal way to do it, but the clear implication was that if you don't do it this way -- and particularly if you bring over the phone options -- there will be problems. Rather than trying to be rude -- I would have slammed you as a noob who has only been here a week if that were the case -- I was attempting as to be emphatic as possible that what you were implying was not to be taken as "the" way to do it, even if you did not expressly say as much.

    LoL, you're more annoying than I am.
    I'm afraid you're wrong there, fella.
    08-18-11 04:22 PM
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    DM Device transfer wizard works perfectly 100%

    I used the device transfer wizard to go from my 9700 to 9900 and it worked perfectly! I even transferred the apps and stuff over. Everything worked (minus the BBM Groups which don't transfer between any devices). Even my custom ringtones I had stored on my old SD card still work once I put the old SD card into my new 9900

    Don't listen to the naysayers and waste your valuable time trying to do the backup/restore or BB protect methods they mention. Complete waste of time and they don't transfer everything over as well as the DM Device transfer does (all BBM contacts need to be individually reinvited). I tried doing this first, and wasted an hour or two on it then found it didn't transfer everything, so I wiped my 9900 and transferredeverything over with the Device transfer wizard and it work 100% QUICK & EASY!

    A couple of my Apps don't work or were not installed, but only because they are not compatible with OS7. The ones that are compatible were all transferred and still work Some that aren't compatible were transferred as well and don't work, but that is expected from and OS version change from 6 to 7... I was running on OS6 hybrid on my 9700 'Barracuda hybrid')

    Blackberry developed the device transfer wizard, so it only makes sense that it would work

    Just make sure you have the newest BB Desktop Software (version is what I have)
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    Well Yes and No, after swiping it all clean again, i did the device transfer exactly the same with BDM v.5.01. And device transfer does transfer BBGroup as well. And thats the problem!

    Even tho sometimes it doesnt transfer the Group, but when it does, your device transfer every single Photos, comments, members. And if you have a couple of groups, that will definitely slow it down tremendously.

    On my second transfer, for some reason the group werent transfered, and therefore no problem. So i simply request to be invited back into the group.

    And i dont have to "reinvite" every single contact, just have to wait until BBM does that automatically. More contacts = more time.
    08-19-11 06:14 AM
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    I didn't even use DM for my contacts, I used Verizon's backup assistant app. Then I used BB Protect to restore memos and browser bookmarks only. That's it.
    After OS5 was released, we BOLD 9000 users had a strong forum. It was a well known issue with upgrading from 4.x to 5.x. Here's some of the rules we had then:
    Don't restore any data or ringtones
    Don't just slap your SD Card in the phone with the new OS, the 4.x formatting was sometimes bad news for a 5.x device so the card, more often than not, needed to be formatted fresh.
    Wipe wipe wipe

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