1. danepak's Avatar

    I've just got myself a Blackberry Bold 9000.
    I need to copy all my contacts from my Sony Ericsson P990i over to the Blackberry.
    I copied the contact on to the sim card from the P990i and then from the sim card on to the Blackberry.
    Only problem is that it doesn't take both numbers from a person (if I've got a mobile and a home number from a contact, it only takes the mobile).
    Is there a way that I can have all contacts copied over perfectly or will I have to enter them manually?
    07-05-09 08:33 AM
  2. Heresy's Avatar
    If you use outlook you can export your contacts from the sony then import them to your blackberry using desktop manager.
    07-05-09 08:44 AM
  3. danepak's Avatar
    Thanks mate.
    I'm using Mac Mail, but I'll give it a go.
    07-05-09 05:39 PM
  4. Heresy's Avatar
    Oooh, mac mail. I dont know...Can you use thunderbird or lightning on your mac? They would be the alternative to outlook.
    07-05-09 06:25 PM
  5. thejgeffect's Avatar
    Do you have your contacts synced onto your Mac Address Book?

    If so, go to Address Book then Export your contacts as vCards.

    Then if you don't have one, create a gmail account.

    Then Download Google Sync... Its a BB App that you can download over the air

    Then go back to your gmail account and import the vCard to your contacts on gmail...

    Then log into google sync and sync up
    07-05-09 06:42 PM
  6. trucky's Avatar
    or... you could export as a .csv file, Do an ASCII export from the bb, open both files and cut and paste from the Mac version into the bb version. Make sure to not modify or delete any field headers. ASCII import back into bb...
    07-06-09 12:54 PM