06-25-09 11:18 AM
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  1. liqrsicc's Avatar
    Get Tha Phone Homie Thas A Hella Good Deal! Wont Get That Anywhere Else!!
    06-24-09 03:10 PM
  2. slalom's Avatar
    Right now I have had the Verizon Curve 8330 for about 7 months and I'm starting to get bored a bit. My wife has an iPhone with AT&T so I'm thinking of coming over to them with the Bold. Are there any others that have had the Verizon Curve and bolted for the AT&T Bold? It seems in my area that Verizon gets better cell service but I hardly ever use my cell part of the phone. I use the internet all the time so I'm really liking the WiFi part of the deal. Any advice? Convince me to go to the Bold!
    If messaging is important, go Bold. If it isn't, go for the bigger screen, aps, etc., that are on the iPhone
    06-24-09 03:17 PM
  3. salukibrandon's Avatar
    I did it. I ordered the Bold. That price is just too good to pass up. Getting it shipped overnight for $14. I'm also able to send in my Curve for $70 through a Trade Up offer if I can't find a better offer somewhere else. I can't wait to get this phone! Thanks for all the feedback in this thread.
    06-24-09 03:56 PM
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    06-24-09 04:06 PM
  5. eazymac's Avatar
    I'm not here to sell anyone. Different devices all have their advantages and you don't need us to read you a spec sheet. If you're doing your homework when choosing a device, you're probably perfectly capable of reading about what each phone comes with and what it can and can't do.

    What I will tell you though, is that I'm a huge tech geek and am constantly reading about new devices. I have always thought that there is no such thing as a perfect device, and they all have infuriating limitations that others don't seem to have. Well, I've owned my Bold for about 6 months now and I don't notice too many of those limitations. It multitasks like a mother and it's a truly fantastic PDA. It's not without it's drawbacks (128MB max to store all your apps AND run the OS?), but they're less of a problem for me than the drawbacks of other devices. This is the first phone that I truly love. Everything else is *almost* a great device. For me, the Bold really IS a great device.

    And the Bold users at CrackBerry are some of the most savvy and helpful people on any device forum I've ever seen.
    I would duplicate everything said here. I'm also a phone geek, have owned all types of smartphones, have played extensively with iphones, but in the end, the Bold wins out for me. Messaging of any kind with this keyboard is unbeatable. The screen absolutely rocks, whether in a dark movie theater or in bright sunlight, and the call and speakerphone quality are the best I've ever seen in a phone. Yeah its not perfect, but at the end of the day if you use it for anything remotely business oriented -- having long conf calls, being responsive with email, managing your calendar, messaging friends, you absolutely can't beat it for keeping in touch.

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    06-24-09 04:20 PM
  6. dan.g46's Avatar
    I did it. I ordered the Bold. That price is just too good to pass up. Getting it shipped overnight for $14. I'm also able to send in my Curve for $70 through a Trade Up offer if I can't find a better offer somewhere else. I can't wait to get this phone! Thanks for all the feedback in this thread.

    This is great! I'm glad the friendly people here @ crackberry helped you with your decision. Furthermore they did it with "non-fanboy" attitudes. Such a great community. I'm proud to have a BB! Enjoy your new Bold!
    06-24-09 04:38 PM
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    here's some background before i get into replying to your post. i'm a phone geek through and through. i usually changed phones every 3-6 mo's. even phones from abroad i'd seek- back when the motorola a1000 (or was it the a1200?) wasn't availible here, i stilll went out and got one- paid an arm and a leg!. this was the case up until i got the apple 2g iphone. I used that for over a year and a half- even when the 3g came out, i kept my 2g. it did everything i wanted well/quickly.

    about 2 weeks ago, some friends kept telling me to switch to bb, just to get bbm and chat with them during the day. i went into the store without much research (i'm currently located in hong kong) and the deal was 1k mins/ultd data/free bold for around 50usd a mo (2yr contract). sold-AH!

    the iphone just did everything quickly/well...no need to go into multiple menus to do something- just hit home button and hit new program. very easy to navigate. It also has the best email viewing and internet viewing bar-none. 'it just works'! also- the music player is great, afterall, it is an ipod.

    i've had the bb for 2 weeks- the os doesn't seem as stable, it has a million options most of which i won't use, the battery is on par with the iphone. but- i find myself actually wanting to write emails! i'm always connected through bbm/msn/gchat etc...and obviously the fbook client is always updating. take away the connectivity of these, and i'd probably want to go back to the iphone, but since it has all of these, and i'm always on the move, it's good for me to keep in touch with friends (esp. since i have friends both here and back home in the states)

    so- that's my mini review- i'd say it's a toss up between the two- the bold has def. brought bb on the iphone's playing field- so much so that an iphone lover like myself has moved over to bb!
    I dont go into multiple windows I move what I want to use to the home page and move what I seldom use to a "Stuff" folder i created My bold is my first BB or even smart phone and I dearly love it it is very easy to set up and get running and NO I-TUNES you gotta love that plus with the connectivity you can pull Slacker radio and Pandora for 24-7 music FREE my wifes curve runs too slow in EDGE to make them work well
    Go ahead you know you want to
    06-24-09 05:09 PM
  8. anon1579562's Avatar
    WalMart.com has the Bold for Free (no mail in rebate, just instant rebates) with a two year activation (with a plan more than $40.00/month). Plus a free 4GB card. Soooooooo tempting! How does that work when they ship phones like this? I assume you just have to put in some codes to activate it when you get it, right? I don't want it turned on before shipping and then be without a phone until I get it because of the transfer.

    Instant rebate? I tried it and it said mail in rebate.
    06-24-09 09:51 PM
  9. salukibrandon's Avatar
    Did you get the 900 minute plan for $59.99? I had to choose that to get it.
    06-24-09 09:53 PM
  10. anon1579562's Avatar
    Did you get the 900 minute plan for $59.99? I had to choose that to get it.
    No, I just saw that option. See the deal is that right now I am on VZW and have a 700min family plan. Even with the 3 of us we never break 500, let alone 700. So buying 900 min is a waste. If I go for it, it will have to be Amazon's deal since they don't have a plan requirement.
    06-24-09 09:56 PM
  11. salukibrandon's Avatar
    Yeah, 900 is overkill for me but I do believe it said you only have to keep the plan for 180 days. So once that is up, I'm going to roll it into an iphone family plan my wife has on AT&T.
    06-24-09 10:33 PM
  12. salukibrandon's Avatar
    For those maybe interested in getting the Bold, I ordered from WalMart.com at 3:00 pm last night, had my old phone number transferred from a different carrier, sent overnight for $14 and just got confirmation that it was dropped off at 9:30 this morning on my porch. So far it's been great working with them but time will tell once I turn this thing on tonight. This day is going to draaaaaaag.
    06-25-09 11:18 AM
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