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    Hi I am trying to do a wireless synchronization. The user is on an exchange server. Emails and calendar events sync with no issue except for the contacts. In the contact optiona there is NO wirless synchronization option to turn on or off. I have tried differenct phones, different SIM cards. I wiped the phone numerous times, removed/added the user back to BES numerous times. I am only having this issue with one issue in particular in our environment.

    I noticed during synchronization you usually see a long list of items on the screen that are synchronizing, when i synchronize this one particular user the only entry on the screen is the calendar and nothing else. After the calendar syncs 100% I backout and still see the activation icon (suitcase icon) on the desktop but nothing else is syncing.

    Another thing i noticed is after every sync when I go to the contacts on the device a notice states "there are contacts on the SIM card do you want to import them into your blackberry contacts" I got this notice even after changing the SIM.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    03-07-13 04:58 PM

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