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    I am trying to sync my contacts list but strangely i found that only 162 contacts (Desktop location) could be synced. When i tried to find out i figured that there is another location (Unknown) where another 780 contacts are stored. These contacts are not being synced with Outlook. I need help on this forum to make sure that i grab all the contacts in my address book.

    Please help on urgent basis.


    03-13-13 06:25 AM
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    NOT DEFINITE: but you can try..

    Backup your device with the network off.

    Disable wireless sync of contacts in Contacts app>options> email address>wireless sync

    Change default contact list to unknown.. and Export all the contacts to outlook.

    From outlook.. Export all the contacts to single file (through file/export/contacts) and now import this file to your email address (pref. Hotmail, Gmail) - Now all your contacts 162 + 780 should be in one email address.

    On the handset, goto Contacts app > Options > type rset (directly on the keyboard).. You will get reset option - click yes.

    Go to email settings - select the email with the contacts - goto Edit - scroll down to Synchronization - select Contacts.

    In a while your contact list should populate with all the contacts from your email address (you can try the reset again) and now you have all your contacts in a single location which is your email address.

    Next time when you take a desktop backup - your contacts will not backup. Nor will they backup under BB protect as they are already available on your email address as a backup.
    03-21-13 07:40 AM

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