1. blackcoffeenosugar's Avatar
    Just wondering whether anyone else has got the same problem on the Bold.

    If I sort my contacts by their first name, my Bold end up sorting the names by their title. So it shows all the Dr's first, then all the Mr's and finally all the Ms's. But if I sort them by their last name, it works fine. All the contacts were orignally synced from my Outlook contacts. And the details are correct both in Outlook and on the Bold. i.e. the titles were not incorrectly entered as part of of their first name. And strangely enough this problem only affects Bold, regardless of the OS version. Because my Storm, which has its contact synced from exactly the same Outlook contacts, has no problem of ignoring the title when sorting contacts by their first name. I have even tried to backup the contact lists from the Storm and restore it onto the Bold. But it made no difference.
    06-15-09 03:32 AM