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    I have reecently changed from the 8900 to the 9700. I transfered my contact list but now when a contact rings their name doesn't appear but the number only as all the numbers are prefixed with +61 (I am in Australia) whereas from the contact list the numbers all begin with a zero. (So the number dialling in doesn't match with any numbers stored in the contact list).

    I didn't have that problem with 8900. Is there a quick fix to the problem?
    05-26-10 12:40 AM
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    First, what OS version do you have loaded on your device??? Second, did you buy this new or used??? Third, did you check your settings... go into Options > Phone Options > Smart Dialing... make sure the country code is correct, also any of the other settings in this menu.... did you check that???

    You might even want to check those setting compared to your 8900.... and also one more thing: did you use Desktop Manager's Device Transfer to move all your data from the 8900 to the 9700??? This should have also transferred all settings from your 8900 to your 9700.
    05-26-10 05:57 AM
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    I have checked the settings and the prefix is correct. I am not sure the relevance of the Area Code and National Number Length items and whether they are important. I cannot check the settings in teh 8900 as the phone is kaput. I transfered all the info from outlook back to the 9700. Essentially all the mobile numbers are stored commencing 0411 (for example) but when a mobile rings in the number is commencing with +61411 hence the phone does show the id of who is calling in. The 8900 was able to show the id of the incoming caller. Interestingly, if I miss a call the number is shown on the missed call list as 0411. Very odd and a bit annoying - I though there might be a quick fix.

    The OS version is
    05-26-10 11:45 PM
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    I should add that the problem now seems to be confined to receipt of SMS's only. Caller id is ok for phone calls but when I get a text the number shows as the +614 etc.
    05-26-10 11:47 PM
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    That's a very old, OLD OS version... have your considered upgrading your OS??? It could very well be an issue with that OS... I know TMO here in the US had .330 until recently and finally upgraded because of a number of issues it had with the old version... we are now using .586... you might consider http://forums.crackberry.com/f146/ne...-680-a-472990/

    Background reading before upgrading:
    Blackberry 101 lesson: How to Install or Upgrade to a New RIM BlackBerry Operating System (OS) with AppLoader
    05-27-10 06:28 AM
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    I had the same problem with my phone and it was SO annoying. Even though all my contacts transferred over to my 9700, I would get a text and have no idea who it was from. Interestingly enough, if I went to view the text and hit the menu button, I could scroll down to "Call xxx" or "MMS xxx" and it would show their name. But on my text messages page it would only show their number. I recently upgraded my OS from .330 I believe and I will keep you updated if it fixes the problem.
    05-27-10 09:58 AM
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    Thanks for that. When I plug the phone into the computer it doesn't say there is an upgrade. Perhaps here in OZ we are not supposed to use the upgrade. I'll give it a try.
    05-28-10 02:50 AM
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    The universal international prefix for mobile phones is a + followed by the country code.

    To call internationally I suppose that you would prefix with 00 and for national long distance you would use a single 0. This is what the world (except US) does today. It ws not always this way and different countries used different internationl prefixes. However this prefix was always followed by the country code. Mobile phone operators realised very quickly that a phone could soon be outside their country. "Quick.", they said find a solution and the " + " sign was it.

    What happens inside the carrier network is translated by the phone's software (the OS) to display whatever the programmer decided was correct. Thus different OS revisions can display different prefixes depending upon what was programmed when the OS was released.

    You should try to move to a more recent OS and you will find the latest at the top of the 9700 forum. You can download and install this on your PC.

    This link http://crackberry.com/blackberry-101...ting-system-os will help you upgrade.

    If you need help, please come back here.
    05-28-10 04:19 AM
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    Thanks for that. When I plug the phone into the computer it doesn't say there is an upgrade. Perhaps here in OZ we are not supposed to use the upgrade. I'll give it a try.
    Please... PLEASE do NOT use DM to perform your OS upgrade... follow the directions that I posted above to use the AppLoader, or Loader as it is in the AppLoader folder... first download the latest OS, use the link I provided above, and Pete6 recommended... install that OS, then use the procedure. DM will only give you the OS versions that are available from your Cell Phone Provider.
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    05-28-10 05:56 AM
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    Thanks for that. When I plug the phone into the computer it doesn't say there is an upgrade. Perhaps here in OZ we are not supposed to use the upgrade. I'll give it a try.
    Who cares what you are supposed to do? If you want to update, there's a link on the World Wide (includes OZ) Web to download it.

    However, like fatboy says, please make sure that you use Loader to install.

    Ask back here if you get stuck.
    05-28-10 11:07 AM
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    Hi guys. I tried the upgrade (to OS but i can't get it to work. I followed the 101 instructions and got to the screen that comes after the PIN screen (the Device Application screen) but it only has 4 boxes (none of which look like the tutorial options), and 3 of which are checked. If I hit next there it instantly says upgrade successful.

    I assume I am doing something wrong.
    06-01-10 10:07 AM