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    Hey Guys -

    My old Bold Died - a few weeks ago and I'm in India - so I had to send my old one back to the states - the states ordered a new one - activated the new one and then sent a new one back to me.

    We use BES - and everyone else in my company has their Lotus Mail Client Contacts sunk with their BB - so my IT guy set that up - I then email them and asked them to take that off - as I keep a personal address book on my much more reliable Microsoft outlook on my personal pc - so When i go the phone the Lotus switch setting was turned off - and i then deleted all the contacts that were in the phone my IT Guy -

    I then sunk my Bold to my Outlook and everything move over well.

    Heres my questions

    There are 3 Contact Lists in the Address Book

    If you got to your address book hit the bb key and then go "select contact List"

    It has an option to show all contact lists or below that it had 3 desktop options -

    it seems my address book is in the Middle Desktop setting

    I dont remember this on my Old Bold and wanted to see if there was a way to remove this


    when I click on a contact above the persons name is says

    "Synchronize Using: Desktop"

    Never had that before.

    08-12-09 06:53 AM
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    Hey guys - anyone got any idea? its really driving me crazy - i'm a crazy organization neat freak - and its just driving me nuts!

    Also - just downloaded Google Maps and now if you click on a contact it has an options to "Show on Google Maps" even if there is not address? anyone know how I can get rid of that.

    08-15-09 06:32 AM