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    Earlier today I downloaded and installed the update for Foursquare. After the reboot, I now get the spinning wheel/clock/whatever you want to call it. I've tried leaving it up to an hour at a time and it never stops. I can't connect to Desktop Manager or App Loader so can't even just reinstall a fresh operating system either, although of course ideally I wouldn't need to go that far anyway. Any ideas of how to get out of this? It's only been about five hours and I'm starting to go through crackberry withdrawal.
    07-19-11 07:06 PM
  2. ryanlrobinson's Avatar
    Reload OS from PC instead of using Desktop Manager?
    What do you mean by reload OS from PC? Is there another way to reload the OS other than through DM or App Loader that would be more likely to be able to connect?
    07-20-11 07:52 AM
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    Got it! Took about five tries - seemed like the secret was to only change few enough things that it could be done before it had finished booting and got caught in the perpetual spinning clock. Meant I couldn't backup and restore it, but I managed on about the fifth try to get the OS reinstalled (updated to the newest Vodafone version you mentioned). Working on restoring things now. Thank you very much for the help.
    07-20-11 06:49 PM
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    You can always boot your BB in safe mode..
    Pull battery >> insert battery >> after red light goes off >> hold escape/ back key till BB boot fully >> once fully booted you will a message of safe mode.

    In safe mode third party apps are not allowed to auto start or perform any action at boot time.
    Hope this helps
    07-21-11 01:06 PM