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    I'm due for a contract upgrade on AT&T, and had/returned a Z10--I liked it in concept, but realized that BB10 wasn't as polished/full-featured as I'd like, and that I really did want a hardware keyboard. The next logical step seemed to be to get a Q10 on release (figure sometime this summer in USA)--but a few factors are pushing me towards a 9900 instead.

    1) Data usage. I'm on a 200MB/month plan. BIS is a lifesaver for this. My 10 days with a Z10 on uncompressed LTE ran through data far faster (even when using WiFi as much as possible) than I did on a 9860. There's no way BIS is going to disappear in the next year or two, there are far to many legacy devices on the market. As such, I'm inclined to stick with what I know works well. Since my primary data usage is email and Facebook, with a bit of light browsing/mapping, the latency of BIS isn't a big issue.

    2) Charge contacts. Sounds like a mountain being made of a molehill, but I'm hooked on the idea of a USB-less charge dock (after having used one for years on Palm products). Q10 won't have this. 'nuff said.

    3) Buttons. I've used BB10 and like it, but I really did miss the trackpad.

    I use almost no apps (internet browser, email, calendar, facebook, alarm clock, RPN calculator), all of which are easily found on BB7. Anybody see something big I'm missing to push me away from the 9900?

    My alternative is to get an off-contract 9790, so if I have buyer's remorse a year down the line, it will be easier to recoup most of my costs, since the upgrade is probably worth ~$400 off list price. (I hesitate to get a secondhand 9900 due to the bricking issues, since I wouldn't have a warranty)

    Thanks in advance!
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    Sounds like you know what you want and why you want it.

    I just made a similar decision to get the wife a 9810 (bought it outright on EBay) when her workhorse 9700 finally died. I am content for now on my 9900, and I plan to get both of us BB10 devices near the end of the year when (hopefully) prices come down a bit and the first few updates have been pushed out.

    We are going to be early adopters, but not "bleeding edge" early.
    04-16-13 02:13 AM
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    Just go find a phone store that will have a real working model when it comes out.
    Beats the 9900. The new OS is awesome.
    Check my experience...http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...ml#post8277003
    04-16-13 02:21 AM
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    The Q10 experience will not be any different then Z10 as far as the data usage is concerned.
    You'd probably appreciate the physical keyboard, and better battery life.
    The choice of apps for the time being is still better with legacy OS then OS10, but it is changing fast.

    Should you choose between 9790 and 9900, I say go for 9900. I am able to compare my 9900 with my GF's 9790, and the screen and KB do make the difference!
    I would not worry about the bricking issue when getting the second hand good condition 9900. Just upgrade your OS to the latest one, and be happy!
    04-16-13 03:54 AM
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    I would not even consider the 9900 ( we have 2 in our family), -

    battery of Q10 will be much better - it already is on the Z10 - get 1/3rd more juice out of it - and it still happy when the 9900 is dead.

    1) BIS or not... it is just a matter of time before your local carrier will do whatever they can to stop supporting BIS - so within a few years time - it will be gone.
    BIS used to be OK in a world of POP email - to Push it out to the devices - but no longer needed for that since all serious email providers now supports IMAP Idle which also pushes out. And with all the new multimedia/data-hungry apps - there are not place for the old BIS. The BB10 browser can be set to mobile or desktop mode - and of course in desktop mode it will pull down a different sized webpage with lots of more content.
    I'd rather fight my carrier to lower the cost for a better plan - but with a 2GB dataplan, and using WiFi when you can - an average users should be good... a 5GB and you should not have to worry at all.

    The MicroUSB used is better than previous devices, but agree that can potential be a soft spot. However - all BlackBerry devices are covered by a 1 year warranty on hardware, some countries even add up to 3 years on that... And who knows - perhaps a year down the line we will get a new back cover for the Z/Q10 allowing for wireless charging...

    Trackpad ... What did you do before the trackpad? Perhaps it will just take you some time to get used to... Many keyboard users who said they never go for a touch only phone - are now very happy with the Z10... I'd say you should give it a go and try it..
    (It took me years to get used to Not using the command prompts in DOS and instead using Windows... and from Win95 I was forced to start using a mouse...)

    Another important thing to add into your equiation; App updates/new apps.... BBOS7 will still live for a couple of years, but - my guess is that most new apps will be made for BB10 platform.... and perhaps some of the developers of BBOS5,6,7 apps also "converts" to BB10 to enjoy all the new developer tools and freedom available to them,,,

    Then again - it is just a phone .... just a tool to get the job done.. and you need to pick the tool which is best for the job. Why not just keep your old device, and get a new Q10 - use them both...
    04-16-13 06:57 AM
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    Will keep the Bold 9930 and Playbook Combination. My phone is a business tool for me. Emails, Text, Calls, organizer and file cabinet. Because of the bridge feature these items are readily avaiable through the playbook that is constantly on my desk giving me ready access to all of the above which I use in my every day work. The Bold 9930 is a classic but I know that one day I will move to either the Z or Q but not now.
    04-16-13 03:48 PM
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    I currently have the 9900 and I'm sorta in the same boat as the op, the horror stories I've read here about the z10 OS has caused me to wait for the q10.
    That and the fact I must have the keyboard.
    Hopefully all the issues about the z10 OS will be worked out by the time I get the q10.
    For me any other phone will be a hard sell ( even the Z & Q10 ) because the 9900 is such a great phone. One really has to weigh the trade offs of what you'll get and what you'll no longer have.
    04-17-13 11:07 PM
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    From what I've read, there is no programmable speed-dial on the upcoming Q.
    04-18-13 06:43 AM
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    I have a z10 and 9900 ,also use a 9800 permanently bridged to my playbook.In all honesty I still like my bold the best mainly for the reasons op has pointed out.Atleast here in India I don't think BIS is going to go away anytime soon mainly as it happens to be so economical.
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    04-18-13 07:03 AM
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    Thanks all for the replies. I'm going to go ahead and get the 9900--I'm perfectly happy with the OS7 experience, and BIS is a killer feature for me. There's no way AT&T will stop that service before I'm out of contract, at least.

    Also, 93Aero--is your name a Saab reference? If so, I like it

    I currently have the 9900 and I'm sorta in the same boat as the op, the horror stories I've read here about the z10 OS has caused me to wait for the q10.
    That and the fact I must have the keyboard.
    Hopefully all the issues about the z10 OS will be worked out by the time I get the q10.
    For me any other phone will be a hard sell ( even the Z & Q10 ) because the 9900 is such a great phone. One really has to weigh the trade offs of what you'll get and what you'll no longer have.
    04-19-13 10:10 PM
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    im sticking with my 9900, I also have a 200MB data plan and with my 9900 i only use about 80MB per month.

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    04-19-13 11:47 PM
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    I'm perfectly happy with my 9900 as well! Great device and it gets the job done.. The keyboard is just the BEST PERIOD!

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    04-20-13 02:10 AM
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    I had a choice and went with the 9900.
    My second choice would have been to wait for the Q10.
    Its basicsally a choice between keyboard and touch screen.
    To each his own.
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    I have a Z10 and have already placed a pre order for a Q10. That being said, I still love my 9900. I can honestly say that from my own experience the 9900 is the best BlackBerry made. Now again I'm basing this purely on my experience. The 9900 keyboard is the best and the device itself is a pure workhorse when it gets to productivity. Don't get me wrong, the Z10 is pretty sweet too.

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    04-20-13 09:35 AM
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    I also am going to stick with my 9900 as the workhorse. I have a few apps like Mail Minder that really help me manage my business. I am thinking perhaps to get a Z10 as a 2nd line on my Tmobile as it is only $10 morea month. this way I can have a full screen experience and let my 9900 do a lot of my background work with my trusted apps. This way I don't see the need for the Q10 which does look very sweet though.
    04-20-13 10:43 AM
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    Long time 9700 user here, tried Z10 and returned after a week, decided OS10 is not ready and I posted in another topic that I Upgraded to 9900 because i felt OS10 was just a tad bit short of being a complete BB. It is awesome and may soon rival android and iOS but it just wasn't the system for me.

    I will say this, when you call ATT, ask them if they can get you a deal. I got a good deal on a refurbished one and did not have to extend 2 more years.

    I told them I did not want to lose the chance to upgrade to Q10 6-7 months later, because I think that's how long BB will need to improve OS10 with 10.2 or 10.3 once more devices are out. Maybe we will get more apps that are now on 9900 but missing on OS10.

    I love 9900 and I dont mind it's slow app store.
    But I did see a lot of adware on app world now, almost all free apps are very intrusive and keeps pushing messages and ads even when not running..

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    What the.....200mb? well there's your problem.

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    What the.....200mb? well there's your problem.

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    Not necessarily.
    On my 9700, heavy email usage, I never went over 200MB even though I have unlimited LTE.
    I probably will end up using more now that I got a 9900.
    You may go back to Z10 forums now and use 200MB/day.

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    04-20-13 01:14 PM
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    Get the 9900. If you have to live within 200 MB/Mo., you are not going to make that with BlackBerry 10.
    04-20-13 01:17 PM
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    I just don't see why you can't update your data plan. I pay 15 dollars for my data plan and I get unlimited usage, no throttle whatsoever.

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    04-20-13 01:25 PM
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    If you didn't like the Z10 because of BB10 what makes you think you will like the Q10 with BB10? Even with a physical keyboard, you still have BB10. I wouldn't even consider a Q10 until it's been out for at least 6-8 months and you can get a clearer picture from reviews and others personal experiences if it's something worth dipping into. The 9900/OS7 is a proven system that is pretty stable. There is a lot more coming from Blackberry so upgrading to a Q10 or a Z10 right now seems like jumping the gun to me.
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    04-20-13 05:54 PM
  22. usnberry's Avatar
    I'm gonna agree with the 9900 OS7 camp. I have seen the new Z10... and it reminds me of my old iPhone 3Gs, though the keyboard is MUCH better. To me BBRY is about business, a unique, bold design, and the iconic QWERTY. I like the Z, but there's much better media phones out there. Anyhow, I don't need my phone to tell me how to make pancakes or toss some vengeful birds around. E-mail, calendar, music, texting, news feeds, calls, and light web surfing... done.

    The Q10 with KB looks awesome and I would actually like one someday, but I can wait 8-10 months for OS10 to finish baking. The app' devs need time to develop and there. will. be. bugs. -- don't you hate when people type those period sentences for emphasis?
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