1. kzn_guy's Avatar
    Hi Guys

    I cant seem to connect my blackberry to my desktop software. I have tred via usb and bluetooth. Neither works.

    On my BB, i have a 9780 - 6.0 Bundle 905 (v6.0.0.294, PLatform 6.50.54)

    The desktop manager I am using is which is the latest.

    Any ideas on how to resolve?

    10-21-11 02:26 AM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    probably a USB driver issue. reboot your computer and try again.
    10-21-11 04:22 AM
  3. kzn_guy's Avatar
    yeah, i have tried the PC reboot. It doesnt work. I can only connect using bluetooth which is not the most useful.

    I will try un-installing and re-installing the BBB desktop software to see if that helps.
    10-25-11 02:53 AM
  4. Batter Pudding's Avatar
    Try different USB ports. Usually this will force the PC to redetect and reinstall the drivers.

    If that still does not work, open device manager with the phone plugged in and get it to reinstall the driver.

    Final solution - if still no luck, device manager can be used to remove the device so you can reinstall it.

    With your phone attached.... How to get to Device Manager:

    On XP:
    Click START
    locate MY COMPUTER
    From the menu, select MANAGE
    On the left hand side of this Management Console you will find DEVICE MANAGER.

    On Vista\Win7:
    Again from the START menu, but this time you can just type device manager into the search box and pick it from the menu that appears.

    Now in Device Manager, look for YELLOW icons which means driver problems. If you see this on your Blackberry then try a Right Click and Install Driver letting the wizard do the work of searching your PC for it.

    OR from this same screen delete your blackberry. Then disconnect it and reconnect. This should trigger the reinstall of the driver.
    10-25-11 08:36 AM