1. mcamrit's Avatar
    hi basically im on 02 Uk. basically what i was able to do on my very very old motorolla c975 was basically ring one person put them on hold and ring another person and connect the call so it was a three way call.

    however, i tried this 3way call for the first time on my bold today and for some reason when i clicked join call it wouldn't allow me to do so. said something along the lines of join confrence failed.

    i thought it maybe due to the fact that im trying to connect a home phone number and a mobile, so i tried connecting mobile to mobile and still didnt wory any ideas people?

    please help this will allow me to finish my minutes a bit faster as i have a S**t Load that go to waste.

    Cheers Amrit
    06-08-09 05:51 PM
  2. xamdam's Avatar
    Do you have this service option in your package from your provider?

    If not, then ask about it.

    If you do ... then all you need to do is call one person, then hit menu and select add participant and then DIAL the other person ... it should connect all of you .. or i forget maybe you have to connect then make sure the first person is not on hold.

    Thats all i did, but been a few weeks ago... and its in my package from Rogers.
    06-08-09 06:36 PM