1. quik4life's Avatar
    Hey everyone.

    OK. Both me and my friend have a BB Bold. I was setting up his BIS Email for him on my Bold, but accidentally clicked on "Switch Device", so all his email accounts were now associated with MY phone.

    So, I logged into my BIS (Rogers) site and fixed the problem; his emails are now associated with his PIN/phone and my emails are now associated with my PIN/phone.

    One problem: When I clicked on "Switch Device", his blackberry.net email got loaded onto my phone. Even though I reversed the problem, resent the service books (both online and through my phone) and did 2 battery pulls, his blackberry.net email still shows on my phone, along with my emails. When I login to my BIS account online, it only shows my 3 emails and his is not listed; it's just listed on my phone.

    So, how can I erase his blackberry.net email from my phone???

    08-08-09 04:29 PM
  2. Abbsta's Avatar

    On your phone: look into Options>Advanced Options>Service Book and see if your friends blackberry.net [CMIME] exits. If it does, delete it.
    08-08-09 07:38 PM