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    How do I get about configuring a Microsoft Exchange email account on my Blackberry?
    I tried to add an e-mail account by logging into my BIS web interface, but I couldn't find any option to add a Microsoft Exchange account. As I can also access my account through OWA (Outlook Web Access), I tried entering my OWA settings in the "Set Up An Existing Work Email Account" wizard, but I keep getting this error: "Cannot connect to email server or invalid server name."
    For the time being, I've configured the account as a POP3 account. But it seems to work slower that way. I have the same account configured on my laptop, and I get mails on my Blackberry device around 15-30 mins after receiving them on the laptop.

    Any help or pointers will be appreciated...
    06-23-09 04:24 PM
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    You cannot connect to an exchange server directly, that is what BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) is for. Not sure about connecting through OWA access.
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    06-23-09 04:27 PM
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    06-23-09 04:48 PM
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    Your only other option would be to use astrasync. I use it and works really well, however it does coat 49.00 a year.

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    06-23-09 05:41 PM