1. 37201xoIM's Avatar
    Hi all

    Recently finally got myself a BB9900 to replace my struggling Nokia E6 - partly thanks to advice on this forum. Must admit I think it's brilliant - wish I'd got one ages ago!

    Anyway, my query is this: if you don't turn off the clock alarm (or snooze it) does it go on forever? Because it seems to!

    This wouldn't normally be a problem for me - but I'm just scared in case I should leave my BB at work or something!

    Am I missing something really obvious, or is that right? If it is right, does anybody know of any apps which give clock alarms with a timeout?

    By the way, I'd rather not use calendar alarms - because being an ex-Nokia boy I like to be able to switch my phone off when going to bed and know it's clever enough to wake me up...!

    Thanks in advance for any help - really appreciate it.
    10-21-13 04:18 PM
  2. middbrew's Avatar
    I do believe you are correct. I have never found a way to set a limit to how long the alarm goes off on a device using OS7.1.
    10-21-13 04:54 PM
  3. 37201xoIM's Avatar
    Thanks. I wonder if there might be any apps that get around this?
    10-22-13 02:38 AM

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