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    Hi all,

    I've had my new BlackBerry Bold a couple of weeks now, and I am really impressed with it. However, its starting to get rather dirty with general usage (fingerprint marks around the trackball button, keyboard and some build up inbetween the bevel and chrome).

    I still have the plastic screencover it came with on, so that parts ok. I do always make sure I don't eat around it and keep it in the supplied case.

    What would be the best thing to clean the phone with? (without damaging or scraping it).
    06-28-09 04:54 AM
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    i always used a q-tip to clean around the trackball and chrome. other than that i would use a micr-fiber cleaning cloth, like one used to clean LCD tv's. other than taht anything softer than plastic as not to scratch it
    06-28-09 04:56 AM
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    Thanks, I have a cloth that came with my glasses, would that be sufficient?

    Also, between the bevel at the bottom and the chrome, there is little bits of dirt that have formed, any tips on removing them easily?

    Offtopic: I am on th Orange network in the UK, running firmware version v4.6.0.162 (platform 4.0.155), is that the latest version available to me?
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    06-28-09 05:00 AM
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    06-28-09 08:55 AM
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    For the trackball i use a q-tip with some alcool and for the bezel I use a microfiber clothe

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    06-28-09 10:59 AM