1. anon(1492514)'s Avatar
    Is there a release date for this? I love the charging pods and am tapping my fingers waiting for one... Thanks
    08-19-11 02:42 PM
  2. JoCeeCee's Avatar
    Got mine from Amazon UK today at 20 excluding P&P
    08-19-11 03:06 PM
  3. BBThemes's Avatar
    08-19-11 03:10 PM
  4. Dafunkhead's Avatar
    Just got mine from Play.com as well.
    09-02-11 05:48 AM
  5. simsim's Avatar
    Another fluke discovery: The desk sync cradle for the Bold 9700 works with the 9900!

    Because the device is slimmer and the microUSB port is lower on the 9900 than on the older 9700, you can slip it onto the MicroUSB by raising it slightly (it effectively 'floats' a coupla mm above the base of the slot, but once plugged in fully is very solid and secure).

    The slimness of the 9900, and raised position vis-a-vis the port slot means it will even work with a gel or Casemate Barely There case on it, and still slot onto the cradle comfortably.

    09-02-11 06:18 AM
  6. andy_mk3's Avatar
    I got my charging pod off ebay for about 25 I think it was.

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    09-02-11 06:59 AM