1. TheChocolateMonkey's Avatar
    I've had a generic AC to USB power adapter that I've used to charge almost anything with a USB port, but when i plug in a 9930 the phone says it can't charge. The adapter i have has input 100-240VAC and outputs 5VDC with 1A.

    All that for this, does anyone know what the charger requirements are? I don't have the factory one with me and can't run the laptop a lot to charge it.

    09-08-11 06:22 PM
  2. dcdarrencrosby's Avatar
    I actually have the same problem. I have tried every tech support that I can speak to and no one can give me a real answer.
    The only thing that I have noticed is that an actual usb cable that is capable of transferring data will not charge the phone, but when I found a micro usb "charging" cable it works fine with the 9930 and the home AC to usb as well as the car DC to usb.
    I'm not sure if it is an amperage output issue or something else. But I know the stock usb cable and another usb cable I found will only charge via my computer or the stock charger.
    I called Sprint tech support and they couldn't find any information on amperage output of the charger, and I didn't see it on the charger itself, so I don't know what the problem is.
    I found cheap "charging" micro usb cables at Gabriel Brothers and a dual usb output car charger that is only 500mA per port and it will charge both mine and my girlfriend's 9930s simultaneously.
    09-09-11 10:29 AM
  3. greggebhardt's Avatar
    Might try another cable but I would stick to a OEM charger and cable if you can.

    My larger capacity folding blade RIM charger is 5VDC and only .75A. It charges way faster than the little 1" square charger that comes with the 9900. I would try another USB cable, they are all not created equal
    09-09-11 10:51 AM
  4. shrewsburysq's Avatar
    This usually happens to my 9930 once a day.

    When I plug it in to a charger, I get the message that the source cannot charge the BB.

    I noticed that when this happens, instead of the charging icon, it shows the the battery is full even though my meter shows less than 99+.

    After a battery pull, it usually charges no problem with the same charger that gave the message.

    I hope this helps.
    09-09-11 03:23 PM
  5. big samm's Avatar
    the best charger in my opinion is the one that came with the playbook... it charges my 9800 and 9900 really fast!!

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    09-09-11 05:38 PM
  6. graspDESIGN's Avatar
    I use my old Storm charger as well as my old Tour charger and both work fine. I also use a charger from a Droid phone which works fine as well. Not sure what the spec differences are though, but never had any issues.
    09-09-11 05:41 PM