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    ok guys this is kinda messed up. i ordered a silver housing for my 9700. didnt wanna tamper with it or take it apart, so this cell phone repair shop i always send busniess too let them change out the housing and keyboard . they told me it was a 2 hr job... im an at&t mgr for a retailer. my co workers at other stores said its a 10 min job to do that. well happens that my phone is all screwed up and it doesnt pick up signal right. they kept my phone for 3 hrs i dont know why so long.... they did it as a favor cuz i always refer them cusotmers for repairs.. well it doesnt wanan receive signal its always changing from 3 g to edge gprs sometimes no signal

    man im like pissed and sad cuz all i wanted was my silver keyboard for looks =(

    what could they have screwed up anyone or touched or anything??? im using wifi to comminucate right now cuz its not picking up signal at home and when it does it goes away

    my co workers from another store said when they changed it there signal works just fine so what is it they could of messed up... OH and to mention they removed the serial stickers from the OEM housing and put it on the new one when i didnt even ask them too so im screwed with warranty

    can anyone helop me out please???

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