1. snison's Avatar
    Where is the CDMA antenna located on the 9930?

    It may show in a video somewhere, but Google could not find "9930 antenna location" that pertained to CDMA.

    08-31-11 02:22 AM
  2. otacon#AC's Avatar
    I don't know where it is but I have large hands and totally encased the 9930 in them for a full minute. I only lost one bar. I bet the metal strap around it has something to do with it. Logically they would put at the top since it would get the least amount of obstruction.
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    08-31-11 02:33 AM
  3. funnykindel's Avatar
    there is a video on it on youtube.

    search for it
    08-31-11 05:14 AM
  4. snison's Avatar
    Search: 9930
    "About 1,370 results."

    Real helpful.
    08-31-11 05:17 AM
  5. funnykindel's Avatar

    sorry dude. i will get it for you.
    08-31-11 06:19 AM
  6. Deathcommand's Avatar
    Its nearly always located at the bottom of the device.

    (RIM does this for almost all of their phones now.)

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    08-31-11 06:34 AM