1. barbarianthemadserb's Avatar
    Is verizon blocking wifi usage of Tringme on my new purchased BB9930 or does Tringme need an upgrade to their app?? Tringme works perfect on my BB9700 (Tmobile) over wifi.
    08-31-11 04:44 PM
  2. FBA's Avatar
    No, it's not compatible with OS7...if you had checked on their site, you'd have seen that yourself. The latest download is for OS6.
    08-31-11 11:19 PM
  3. barbarianthemadserb's Avatar
    ug, I guess then I will have to wait for a Tringme update then.
    09-01-11 04:24 AM
  4. FBA's Avatar
    A lot of the VOIP apps that worked in OS6 don't in OS7...and most of them don't work well to begin with. With the poor WiFi reception on the 99xx models, I doubt that any VOIP app will work well.
    09-01-11 06:43 AM
  5. barbarianthemadserb's Avatar
    I got a reply fro Tringme this am. They said there was somekind of (internal buffering problem) and they are working on it and it should be ready in a few days. I had Tringme on my BB970 and it worked great. I get great reception outdoors but poor signal indoors so hence the want for Tringme to work with wifi indoors. Yah, with the poor wifi reception of wifi in OS7, it may not amount to much but I am gonna test it when (if) they fix the buffer problem.
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    09-01-11 02:56 PM