1. TheQ805's Avatar
    There isn't even a mail setup icon that all the device tutorials online tell me to click.
    Setup Wizard->email set up is for corporate email. And I just want to set up my frickin gmail account.
    Anybody know what I can do???

    I also tried to download the visual VM update (yes i provisioned my feature on my account) and i don't even have a wireless updates option in advanced settings. Oy....

    Any help is extremely appreciated
    08-26-09 09:42 PM
  2. mandony's Avatar
    08-26-09 10:12 PM
  3. j0hnnyv's Avatar
    just set it up thru att's website. search this forum on adding gmail account to blackberry and you will find it.
    08-26-09 10:13 PM
  4. j0hnnyv's Avatar
    First thing to do is to take a deep breath.

    Read s-l-o-w-l-y:
    BlackBerry 101 How-To Lecture Series | CrackBerry.com

    08-26-09 10:17 PM
  5. Sharke's Avatar
    I just had the same problem when trying to set up my email on my replacement AT&T Bold. Was scratching my head until I realized that the PIN and IMEI numbers from my old phone were still registered on the BIS account. I changed them to my new phone's numbers and lo and behold the email setup icon appeared.
    08-26-09 11:12 PM
  6. dille_21's Avatar
    Or if you hate reading, just call At&t's customer support or use their support chat IM (really nice). I usually do like to do things on my own without having to call or Chat with technical support, but they walk you step by step on how to do everything, doesnt take very long either.
    Just an option
    08-26-09 11:20 PM
  7. TheQ805's Avatar
    Yeah the PIN and IMEI are registered on the BIS account.

    Still no email setup icon. Hmm...
    08-27-09 12:21 AM
  8. iiojc's Avatar
    try soft reboot
    08-27-09 12:34 AM
  9. xyzco123's Avatar
    Dont forget to resend the service books to your new phone.
    08-27-09 12:42 AM
  10. TheQ805's Avatar
    Oh yeah I've done that a couple times. Weird.
    08-27-09 12:45 AM
  11. TheQ805's Avatar
    also, sending service books...nothing.
    08-27-09 01:09 AM
  12. tpony's Avatar
    I hadthe same problem but as soon as I updated my OS to the newest released one i have both options for a BES account email and a BIS account. I was wondering the same thing.
    08-27-09 01:26 AM
  13. TheQ805's Avatar
    Yeah I'm all updated and everything... oy...
    08-27-09 01:29 AM
  14. London_Falcon's Avatar
    Had exactly the same issue today. Couldn't add a gmail account via the handset.

    Solved by logging into my BIS account online and adding an email from there.
    08-27-09 03:44 AM
  15. TheQ805's Avatar
    Yeah I've added it there and everything.
    Nothing different with my handset. Sending service books doesn't do anything. PIN and IMEI are correct. And yeah... flippin bizarre.
    08-27-09 12:06 PM