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    I'm new to these Crackberry boards and I've joined because I have a problem with my Blackberry Bold 9700. As the title says, I can receive SMS but I CAN'T send them nor reply those. I've done anything within my hands until now and I did some research before coming down here.

    The message's center service number is correct for example. Also, it's necessary to mention I'm using an unlocked T-Mobile with my local company called Telcel back here at Mexico. I'd love some feedback or a possible solution on this!

    Kind regards.

    PS: I also tried sending sms to different people, at least 4. None of them received the sms I sent. I tried sending one to myself too and I did receive it. I don't know what's going on!
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    09-02-12 02:51 AM
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    That you can send to yourself indicates it's not the phone, or your settings. I'd contact Telcel, as the issue makes little sense.
    09-02-12 08:51 AM
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    Coffee Shampoo hello and welcome to Crackberry!!

    I've not had this happen to me - but I'll try and help by getting you to look at some settings:




    Is Enable ticked or unticked?

    Are any messages blocked?

    Exceptions - anything ticked?

    Errors - anything blocked?

    If you want to delete anything that is blocked then press the menu and look through the Options.

    Let me know how you go .....
    09-02-12 07:06 PM
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    SMS folder
    Make sure your service center number is correct. AT&T's is +13123149810. Dunno any other carrier's, but that info should be available on Google.
    09-03-12 01:43 AM
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    Hello and welcome to crackberry.
    the best thing to do is to contact your carrier first and ask them about it..
    09-04-12 05:54 AM
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    Hello guys, I appreciate your help and your comments. I had already done everything you said and I fixed the problem, or my carrier did anyway.
    They had to reboot the SMS service and after I turned off and on the device it started to work!

    So, again, thank you guys!
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    09-04-12 04:36 PM
  7. Ovidiu Moldovan's Avatar
    the firewall settings were blocking the incoming SMS for me.

    fixed now, all good, thanks
    02-23-13 01:50 PM
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    hai i can send sms but can't receive sms what is the problem
    03-01-13 01:09 PM
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    I had the same problem on a separate BB7 BlackBerry. Somehow the settings in Text Messages were accidently sent to "Packet Switched" instead of "Circuit Switched" - setting it back fixed it.
    04-10-13 02:57 AM