1. warriorwoman's Avatar
    I posted yesterday because i was getting an uncaught exception on my phone when trying to open BB maps AND because I cannot open certain attachments - pdf and jpg. I had had an earlier problem with my phone and had to wipe it. Yesterday, i reinstalled 266 os and checked all the boxes i thought needed checking, but i am still getting the "This attachment type cannot be viewed on your device". I am at a loss - any thoughts?
    05-27-09 08:45 AM
  2. AŁaric's Avatar
    When you re-installed .266, did you include "BlackBerry Attachment Service"? This is the bit that lets you read attachments.
    05-27-09 10:28 AM
  3. warriorwoman's Avatar
    Yes, I included the attachment service.
    05-27-09 12:24 PM
  4. Username00089's Avatar
    When you get the message "This attachment type cannot be viewed on your device" you still get the option to save it right? I'm not sure exactly what program opens a PDF file, but a JPG file should open right away. Are you absolutely sure it's JPG images that can't open and not bitmap?

    The BB Maps problem is related to RIM/AT&T not really allowing you to use it. That's what I'm assuming though. Whenever you do a battery pull or resend service books, BB Maps is pulled out. It still remains as an application on your phone but the icon does go away.
    05-27-09 12:42 PM
  5. AŁaric's Avatar
    Those documents you're trying to open, are they email attachments? or did you save them to memory before trying to open them?
    05-27-09 12:43 PM
  6. warriorwoman's Avatar
    yes, they were jpg. i also could not open pdf. i could not save either of them either. I spent about 2 hours yesterday playing with the phone and with dm, reloading, checking and unchecking boxes that I thought could help (not really knowing what i was doing - lol). I read somewhere something about redirecting messages and attachments. The last thing i did was uncheck the redirecting messages box for BES - but that resulted in not getting messages at all. so i rechecked it and then i was able to open attachments again. maybe it was unrelated, but i can open them so that is good. still no bbmaps, but that is ok, especially after seeing all the posts that others cannot access it either.

    i think all of this happened after downloading an app - i think i am going to be a bit more selective as to what i download.

    thanks for everyone's help
    05-28-09 01:12 PM
  7. Username00089's Avatar
    What app is it that you downloaded?
    05-28-09 01:13 PM
  8. warriorwoman's Avatar
    I don't know for sure, but the trouble seemed to have started when i downloaded and then used quick pull.
    05-28-09 01:17 PM
  9. AŁaric's Avatar
    Glad to hear you managed to get the attachments sorted out.

    In lieu of BBMaps, why not use Google Maps?
    05-28-09 01:49 PM
  10. warriorwoman's Avatar
    Yes, I do. but I liked to use both. plus it annoys me to have something that does not work on my phone.
    05-28-09 01:59 PM
  11. bt224's Avatar
    Heck, for some reason it just annoys me that AT&T blocks it.
    05-28-09 02:02 PM