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    I purchased a Verizon Blackberry Bold 9650 phone to use with a Page Plus $39.95 Unlimited Talk, Text and 500 MB of Web plan. I was told the phone was connected to the plan and had access to the internet. I am unable to connect to the on air data plan. I took the phone back to the dealer and she informed me she does not know how to hook up the Blackberry phones so I can get on air internet. There is no Gateway IP and no entries in the Host Routing Table. Many of my menus are also incomplete. I am unable to register the phone for the Host Routing Table because I do not have an on air connection. The dealer is useless in helping me with the on air connection. How can I make this phone work with my data plan?
    03-06-14 12:30 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    You most likely need to speak to their tech department. Also you need to have a BIS plan, your account needs to be provisioned for BlackBerry, and there MAY be an extra charge for this, not all providers charge extra, not sure how Page Plus does it. Verizon for example does not. T-Mobile for another example DOES charge and it's an extra 10 dollars per month. Modern BBs do not require a BIS account such as the Z10, Q5, Q10 and Z30, and other devices going forward.
    03-10-14 03:29 PM

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