1. everglo's Avatar
    I was using my phone lastnight it was working totally fine, woke up and I canít get use my browser or even send bbmís..the actual phone calling and texting works fine.. Iíve called Telus and they did a data reboot and Iíve rebooted the phone etc.. and nothing can get me connected to the network.. i canít even log onto the wifi network.. any ideas on how to clear this up or what it could be? Is it because I put my old Blackberry ID from my tour?? help..
    09-08-11 12:41 PM
  2. DannyJK's Avatar
    Your Blackberry ID should have nothing to do with the problem you are facing. Try a battery pull and then if that doesnt work, I guess the only thing left is to reload the OS. You said it worked one night and the next it didnt so I doubt any setting change will help. I think reloading the OS is whats going to fix it.
    09-08-11 01:19 PM