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    Hey, so i have a few issues with my new Bold (second bold) because everything works but can't connect to 3G. The phone came with OS .166 and I upgraded to .266 and nothing. It just connect to 3G for about 5 seconds and then drop the signal and about 10 seconds latter connect to EDGE. Is this normal or I'm doing something wrong?

    See? This is what happens when you sell your Bold to get a Storm and then realize... well, let's just say you need your Bold back.

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    08-08-09 11:32 AM
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    could be a number of factors as to why you can't get 3G...I'm assuming where you normally got 3G your not anymore correct? could be a problem with the 3G towers. do you know if anyother 3G phone is havein probs?
    08-08-09 05:46 PM
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    Yeah it could be the carrier's signal became weak etc... How about going to mobile network in options and seeing if you change it to ONLY 3G and see if you are able to get a signal.

    I find that on a random day, even if I am in a 5 bar 3G area, it will change to EDGE for a while and then I have to manually choose 3G only again.
    08-09-09 05:45 PM
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    Man I think i might have found the problem after 4 years of the original post. I recently bought a Bold 9000 (i like chubby phones) and i had the very same problem, despite me being within the 3G coverage range, my Bold 9000 still couldn't pick up the UMTS (3G) signal. So what i did, was, i went to "Options" then "Mobile Network" then there i set my "Network Selection Mode" in Automatic (of course). in "Network Mode" however i set it to "3G" intead of "2G & 3G" from you might loose your network signal completely but dont freak out (just yet), click the menu button then go to "Diagnostics Test", once there click the menu button again, then select "Run". Your device will search of the available signal, if you are in a 3G covered area, your BB will pick up the 3G signal and stay as such. I'm sure this will help!!!!!
    05-26-13 05:38 AM