1. Gorilla's Avatar
    Well, folks.. Im a diehard BB fan, even though I am a current Android user. I don't have a job right now so that 199.99 is just out of reach!

    Ugh, Maybe if i sell my Droid Incredible I can get most of the price back.
    08-15-11 01:49 AM
  2. Bold9930's Avatar
    Hang in there...They will be showing up used and you'll be able to get a refurbished one soon enough.
    08-15-11 01:51 AM
  3. Gorilla's Avatar
    Perhaps Perhaps..
    08-15-11 02:10 AM
  4. otacon#AC's Avatar
    If you're eligible for a $199 upgrade and you have a lot of accessories you might be able to get close to $199 for it. I got the Droid 3 about a month ago. I had to pay retail for the 9930 so in the end after I sell the D3 with the ton of accessories I have for it the 9930 will end up costing me right around the upgrade price of $199 I'm guessing. I'm out of work too but luckily I made enough last year that unemployment covers my living expenses and then some.
    08-15-11 02:42 AM
  5. kevinnugent's Avatar
    Get it unlocked, and sell it on eBay Australia for $500.00.
    08-15-11 02:57 AM
  6. Uglyindian's Avatar
    I just used my upgrade in March so I am sad too. Really loving my torch though so I guess I can wait.

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    08-15-11 08:45 AM
  7. laurah2215's Avatar
    Same boat. Just upgraded in March so there's no way I can afford to do it again now. Oh, well. I'll just wait it out. Hang in there!
    08-15-11 09:16 AM
  8. brava27's Avatar
    HA! Here in Canada, TELUS wants $629 PLUS TAX! $710 for the phone! $300 with a 3 year contract price! I wish I only paid $199!
    08-15-11 10:03 AM
  9. jlb21's Avatar
    I was Uberexcited for this phone way back when.

    The reality now is that my 9650 works fine for me and I just can't make the investment ina new phone right now. Perhaps around the holidays it will get Uberdiscounted.....

    08-15-11 10:16 AM
  10. pcgizmo#IM's Avatar
    I'm waiting as well, $200 for a phone I may have for a year is crazy.
    08-15-11 10:20 AM
  11. JonM1888's Avatar
    You guys seem to pay a big premium on the handset there. I will get mines for free on a 2 year contract!
    08-15-11 10:20 AM