1. PJ18's Avatar
    I recently updated my 9790 to the 7.1 software and now whenever I connect my device to the computer and I go to my music while it's connected it says '' To access built-in or media card storage from your device, disconnect your device from the computer.''

    The reason this is a problem for me is because as soon I disconnect my device it takes about 30 seconds for all my songs to be added back.

    When I had the old software I wasn't having this problem, but I was told the switch was mandatory. How can I fix this??

    05-19-13 12:55 AM
  2. eldricho's Avatar
    Before you hook up your BB to your PC, go to options & ensure you have Mass Storage enabled. That should do it.
    It should be under Options->Device->Storage
    05-19-13 01:05 AM
  3. PJ18's Avatar
    There's only 'Enable Compression' and 'Media Card Support. No Mass Storage?
    05-19-13 01:11 AM
  4. eldricho's Avatar
    Just looked at an OS 7.1 phone and indeed I see that it can't be done anymore. Haven't noticed the change. Will look further into this and see if there's a fix
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    05-19-13 01:34 AM
  5. PJ18's Avatar
    Okay thanks!
    05-19-13 11:54 AM
  6. PJ18's Avatar
    I fixed it a couple days ago but I'm not sure what I did lol
    05-25-13 02:28 PM

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