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    Hi All,

    Okay so recently I have been trying to get my school email set up with new Blackberry Bold, I have my school email (which ends with @conncoll.edu (it is a gmail apps domain)) connected on my AT&T BIS and I am able to send emails from my phone but for some reason I cannot receive them??

    I searched the forums for a while and found what I though was a solution... I went into my BIS and set my filters to: Apply Filter When-New Mail Arrives and then I changed it from Do Not Forward Messages to Device to Forward Messages to Device. I thought this would do the trick and it hasn't.

    I then tried using the help feature on my phone and it said to go to my @conncoll.edu email on my Bold and then Menu>Options>Email Settings> Message Services>Send Email to Handheld>Yes... but for some reason when I go to Email Settings I don't have a "Message Services" option or a "Send Email to Handheld" option.

    Any help with this would be huge, I have been looking through all of these forums and the WWW and cannot find anything to help me... Thanks in advance
    07-02-09 11:13 PM
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    07-02-09 11:55 PM