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    I have a problem with getting into my BBID account now with my new 9900 - worked fine at set up until I connected to Desktop Manager - I'm in VF UK. I've checked password etc. and everything is fine an App World has 9900 in the url so it obviously knows I have a BB 9900. Any ideas?
    08-15-11 04:51 PM
  2. hayito1's Avatar
    pull the battery and try again. Happend to me last week that i had the screen froze at bbid entry. A restart solved the issue
    08-15-11 04:53 PM
  3. anon(728548)'s Avatar
    Is this in App World or the device itself? I would also recommend pulling out the battery and putting it back in.

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    08-15-11 04:54 PM
  4. Dlanod's Avatar
    Thanks for coming back - tried the battery pull and yes it's the device - won't let me login to email settings now either. It's authenticating me - I purposely put in the wrong password and I got the 'password doesn't match' response. And my account has the new PIN - I tried logging in on another device and it asked if I wanted to transfer my account to the new PIN. So it feels like a device software issue. Some other users are starting to report this too in the UK.
    08-15-11 05:00 PM
  5. Maiev's Avatar
    You pulled out the SIM of your card and is not detected, or your Carrier's internet is down.

    Without an active connection to Internet, whatever password you enter (right or wrong) is indicated as wrong when you try to login with BBID. Don't use it up as you'd have a device wipe. It's a bug but what happened was I pulled my SIM out plug it into my old berry to do some apps downloading before I sell the 9700 (just so I don't give people old software). While my 9900 without a SIM, it was unable to login despite how many times I tried. So before the password expired, I shove in the current SIM I had and it worked. SO what I found was, without a BIS connection, you can't authenticate hence can't use the 9900.

    I went home connected to WiFi and it worked.


    This brings up another question. Would SIM swapping work? Lets say I shove in a SIM without data, it won't allow you to login to BBID as it won't be able to make a connection to the server. Then does that mean my phone just plain-out won't work?
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    08-15-11 05:06 PM
  6. Dlanod's Avatar
    Ok dokay - was on WiFi but done a battery pull, removed SIM powered it back on, tried mobile network and WiFi again - still goosed! Hmmmmm.
    08-15-11 05:15 PM