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    Looking at purchasing this thing and needed some clarification on the pricing as I have hear several things but I cannot find the 9900 on the Rogers website. Am I missing something? If it's not there, that is ridiculous! Come on Rogers, get with it.

    It has me thinking with the high pricing and no ads to show this new phone, that Rogers would rather us purchase data hungry phones like Android and iPhone, but I guess that's a different thread. Just ranting now cause I can't find the site.

    If I'm missing something and am blind, can someone post the link....
    08-12-11 12:10 PM
  2. Frosty_Power's Avatar
    My bad...finally found it. I swear it wasn't there last time.
    08-12-11 12:12 PM
  3. andyahs's Avatar
    08-12-11 12:13 PM
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    Just about to post this and you beat me

    08-12-11 12:13 PM