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    I have Lotus Notes with my company. I want to wirelessly sync my "To Do" or "Tasks" in my Lotus Notes with my Blackberry Bold 9650. On he Blackberry I go into Tasks and can't find the wireless sync function. Does anybody know where thats at?
    09-06-11 08:39 PM
  2. jbeachy's Avatar
    Your company needs to be running BlackBerry Enterprise Server and the device must be set up for BES, in which case Mail, Tasks, MemoPad, Contacts, and Calendar all have default settings for automatic wireless sync.

    I'm on BES and just checked options in all those apps for wireless sync:
    Mail - has sync on/off for enterprise mail
    Tasks - no setting found
    MemoPad - no setting found
    Contacts - has sync on/off for each list
    Calendar - has sync on/off for each cal

    This is just what I found poking around - not an authoritative statement on which apps have an on/off sync setting. I may have missed something. HTH

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    09-09-11 09:27 AM