1. Virzhiniya Eneva's Avatar
    Hello! Newbie in "Blackberry world".. I'm about buying BB 9790 (android user atm), but I still can't find good post about data plans. My 1st question is can I use normal functions like browsing in the web and downloading apps from BB market if I don't have BB data plan? I have regular data plan with included internet. I already make e-mail reg in BB app store. And my second question is if I buy second hand BB can I use it with my own acc w/o problem?
    08-13-13 05:40 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    This model requires a BIS Data plan which is often (but not always) the same price as a regular smartphone plan. The newer models, Z10, Q10 & Q5, do not require a special plan.
    08-13-13 09:10 AM

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