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    Got a BlackBerry Bold 9780 about a week ago. I was testing the camera and it seems the quality of pictures does not match-up with the samples I've seen on the Internet. My pictures seem too sharp or something. I've attached a sample so please have a look and comment.
    08-21-11 11:34 AM
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    Welcome to the forums.

    Did youhave auto focus on?

    Did you use any of the many options (Auto, Landscape, etc)?

    Did you use any level of digital zoom?

    EDIT: Here is a test. 1st image was taken with a 2592x1944 res, second with 1024x768 res. Both with no zoom and Landscape mode.

    Attachment 91840

    Attachment 91841
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    08-21-11 12:02 PM
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    I had auto focus on, I used the "auto" mode, and no use of digital zoom. I used the 1024 x 768 resolution.

    How come the first image you took (at 2592 x 1944 resolution) looks better and softer than the second image that was taken at 1024 x 768? The second image you took is quite close to what I posted, am I wrong? I guess this is just how the camera is, at least for that resolution?
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    08-21-11 12:30 PM
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    I guees the camera software is applying sharpening during the processing of the image. That sharpening algorithm is probably designed for the higher resolution and when it used on an image with less pixels it will oversharpen the image.

    Just a guess
    08-21-11 12:41 PM
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    I am in no way trying to explain it. I just run tests and let the comunity decide on the results. mio_BB's idea seems to be at least possible.

    So, if you need better detail, lower the res. If you need smooth images, max it.
    08-21-11 02:07 PM
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    pic looks perfectly fine to me??
    08-21-11 07:19 PM
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    pic looks perfectly fine to me??
    Good for you.

    1st looks blurry to me. 2nd looks a tad too much on the sharp side.

    The OP's pic is somewhat in between, if you ask me.
    08-21-11 09:09 PM