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    I'm very much looking forward to getting my BlackBerry Bold either tomorrow or Thursday. Here's my question about the camera. I've seen many reviews on the Bold - some saying the camera is crap, some saying the camera is quite decent. I thought the camera on the Curve 8330 was quite good. So you lucky people who have the Bold already, how is the camera? Does it have auto-focus?
    08-19-08 09:52 PM
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    its been posted before already with pics inside


    Search is your friend
    08-19-08 10:56 PM
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    i haven't used the bold so i can't exactly judge. i will say that just because 2 cameras have the same megapixel doesn't mean they take the same quality pictures. when people buy digital cameras they get tricked into spending more because they think a higher megapixel means its better. check out the comparisons of the sony ericsson k850 5mp and nokia n95 8gb 5mp phones.....you'll see what i mean

    basically what i'm trying to say is that i have hope for the camera on the bold to be batter than the one on the curve cuz the one on the curve is kinda crappy. i dont mind it too much cuz i didn't buy the curve for its camera and i don't use it too much, but lots of other might think other wise.

    actually i did see somewhere on this forum a comparison of pictures taken with the curve ad the bold and the bold was considerably better,
    08-19-08 11:05 PM
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    its been posted before already with pics inside


    Search is your friend
    Has anyone posted a video taken with the Bold? That I would like to see as I haven't been able to find one.

    I've searched video but just come up with threads of video based reviews like youtube, etc.., or threads mentioning that the Bold is video capable.

    08-19-08 11:06 PM
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    Yeah I'm interested in how it matches up to the Pearl 2's camera

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    08-19-08 11:47 PM
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    Ok, to be frank about the camera, its not that good, ive seen better camera's on $100 phones.

    Re the video quality, its not that good either. Mind you the Apple iphone camera is crap, so dont buy the bold or the Iphone if you ware looking for a good camera!

    Saying that i dont use the camera that much, in fact very rarley.
    Anyway, thats my 2 cents

    08-20-08 10:41 AM
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    Anything has to be better then the curve camera...which i think is pretty poor.
    08-20-08 10:47 AM
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    I've just gone from the n95 to the Bold and even though its's not fantastic, it's better than a lot of 2meg ones out there! It's def better than the why?-phone lol.

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    08-20-08 02:39 PM
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    After running a few tests with the 9000 camera and other cameras in devices that I know intimately, I have to say that if there is a 2 mega pixel array stuck in behind that lens, the light can only be reaching a quarter of it.
    Go ahead try this for yourself. Take a high resolution image(no zooming, it's just blowing the image up after all!) then take a 640x480 image of the same thing. Send it to a computer so you can play on the big screen.
    The hirez version looks soft. If you then mesmerizer the hirez image down in an image editing app (not just letting the screen on your laptop do it) it becomes just slightly less sharp than the 640x480 image. This is exactly the look you would get if you did a digital zoom with a 640x480 array. The CCD artifacting that is sharp and clear in the 640, is kinda bloated and fuzzy in the hirez version - a sure sign of a digital blow-up.
    Coincidence? Maybe.
    I also have my doubts, on mine at least, that the lens has been glued to the right focal distance for infinity. Will be testing that later, and solving it once the warranty expires.

    Then there is the video app. I feel like I'm using a mesmerizer lens. You might have seen this in a movie where the character is in a drug induced haze, the world is warping all around them.
    Locked off, the video seems... fine, well.. adequate... ok, it's not that great but at least it's not making me seasick. It's like there is an image stabilization routine in there that's out of whack any time you move the camera around.

    I thought we were advancing in technology not going backwards. Since it has a flash and video, it was one of the main factors I used to decide on this phone. If it's going to be sub par why include the flash at all? why make it capture video at all?, unless you want that to be a major factor in people's decisions - or were there just a bunch of cheap cams strewn about that they were going to have to sweep up anyway. I would understand if the phone cost $50, but at $400 with a plan... if your going to do it, do it right!
    08-29-08 04:47 PM
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    its been posted before already with pics inside


    Search is your friend
    Malformed link - please correct.
    08-30-08 08:18 AM
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    I want to share a story about cameras.

    I was at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in January, and was also covering the Adult Entertainment Expo (porn show). I had just finished making the last CES booth visit I needed to make and headed back to my hotel for what I hoped would be a 2-hour nap.

    20 minutes in, my BB started going crazy with text messages. They were from a pal who's a field news producer for one of the big-three TV networks.

    He's on an airplane headed home, about to take off from Las Vegas to NYC. They just sent him an assignment to shoot a segment at the porn show and he wanted to know if I could do that for him.

    I said yes, but I didn't have my camcorder along on the trip. He said to buy one if I need to and the network will reimburse me for it.

    I said enjoy your trip, I'll find some way to make this happen.

    Then, while putting my shoes back on, I remembered a November interview with one of the top porn producers. (He's a tech junky and we always talk about gear). I asked him what he was using for a camcorder; he said he doesn't use one any more - when he needs to grab a short video clip, the video mode in his Canon Elph was good enough. As it turned out, we had the same model Elph.

    So I went down to the porn convention with my Elph and shot 15 minutes of interviews with performers, producers and fans, wnet back to the room and used FTP to get it to the network news servers.

    To this day, I don't know whether or not it got any air time, but I did get a message from my pal the next week telling me it was the top most-watched segment on their dot-com streams.

    I always tell people that the specs don't count on the camera you don't have with you. That's one reason I always put the biggest MicroSD card I can get into my BlackBerry.
    08-30-08 08:27 AM
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    Bold's camera is horrible in nighttime/dark shots for obvious reasons. Morning, due to proper AF, pics arent always good and depend on how steady your hand is.

    I'm not impressed.
    08-30-08 09:36 AM
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    how does it directly compare to the curve?
    08-30-08 09:33 PM
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    i still think RIM hasn't used a decent camera in any of their devices yet, but personally i don't really care cuz i use my camera maybe once a year. but i will say the bold camera is definitely an improvement over the one on the curve.
    08-30-08 09:53 PM
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    A lot of times cameras get blamed for things a user can control - sometimes because a user has expectations of a camera that are above its price class.

    Adding an optical zoom lens and optical image stabilization to something like the Bold is possible, but it would cost $50-100 more, run through battery faster and mean a quarter inch extra bulk in each dimension. It might be worth doing for a 5+Mp sensor, but if you need something to shoot like a camera, get a camera.

    But if you don't have any alternative camera with you, here are some old tricks for getting great shots with any simpler shooter.

    First, stabilize the shot. Put your elbow on or against a solid surface or hold your hand in your other hand, like a marksman.

    Second, think about the light. If there's more light behind what you're shooting than on it, your subject will look dark when you auto-expose or the background will blanche when you set the exposure for your subject. White balance can shift the colors of the whole image if the light isn't white; photographically speaking, white incandescent light is yellow-orange, white fluorescent light is puce to green, mercury vapor light is blue to violet.

    If all you have for zoom is digital zoom, don't zoom at all; instead, get closer to your subject.

    If you're in motion while shooting, you can (after a little practice) get a steadier shot by holding the camera out ahead of you instead of up close to you.

    I hope you find these helpful.
    08-31-08 10:15 AM