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    When I access the call log from the main screen, highlight a call and select view history, the date displays wrong. Even if I just made a call, hang up and view the log, it shows the date as the next day. Example: Made a few calls last night (Mar 08), then had to report date and time; after all calls made, viewed call log to get times and showed calls made on Mar 09.

    However, if I go to Messages / View Folder / Phone Call Logs, the dates are showed correctly. Any idea why this is?
    03-09-10 09:20 AM
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    dumb question but have you went to the options/date time to update the time?
    03-09-10 11:23 AM
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    I just noticed today that my Z10 is logging calls with the wrong date too, made a call today and it was logged as yesterday's date...

    operator error: the first call from today is displayed right above the banner for yesterday's calls--my mistake
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    07-09-13 09:29 AM