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    Hi guys,

    Not sure whats going on but out of nowhere im getting this strange issue with my phone, my call log is not working at all!!

    Here is whats going on:

    When i press the green call button, naturally you are routed to your call logs of the recent and missed calls, mine.. goes directly to my contacts book completely skipping any log all together! Im missing my "missed calls", dialed calls. What happened? it was working yesterday but today not at all, please help get this back

    Thanks in advance
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    03-15-12 10:40 AM
  2. Kishore Thaakur's Avatar
    Go to Options - Call Management - Call Logs and Lists - Initial View - Set this to "Call Log" - Save and Exit.

    Hope this helps.
    03-15-12 11:26 AM
  3. makaveli86's Avatar
    press dial button
    scroll up and then right (highlight the phone sign with arrows coming in/out)
    click that with trackpad
    03-15-12 07:54 PM
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    Did you find a solution?
    06-01-13 12:34 AM