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    08-31-11 08:55 PM
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    So, after putting .353 onto the device, reloading everything, tidying up the storage and getting everything shipshape, I had an afternoon of 'this is the best phone I've ever had' and then the 'call' button on the far left under the screen stopped clicking. It still works, but every time I click it I get no feedback at all and it feels terribly spongy, which is a shame.

    I'm in two minds - in every other respect, the phone is perfect and has no exterior branding so I would like to keep it as a replacement would be branded and I would have to start afresh getting everything set up exactly right. On the other hand, this might just drive me crazy over time...

    I don't suppose there's any kind of a fix for this?
    09-01-11 03:22 AM
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    just return it and get a new one if you're not happy with the call-button !
    otherwise you'll probably regret it when its too late to return it
    09-01-11 03:26 AM
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    Fixing this would include opening up the phone and changing the keypad membrane which indeed is tricky and would void the warranty that you have on the device so it's better off to get this replaced.
    09-01-11 03:28 AM
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    I did see that someone had used a little WD40 to stop the trackpad from squeaking. I didn't like the sound of that, but perhaps it would help?
    09-01-11 03:58 AM
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    heh.. mine never "clicked". mushy, but I don't care - it still does what it's supposed to do.
    It just feels 'wrong' whenever I click it and detracts from the rock-solid feel of the rest of the phone.
    09-01-11 10:59 AM