1. adambern99's Avatar
    Hey Crackberry buddies.

    Need some help.

    For some reason all my previously sync'd calender entries on my blackberry and outlook have disappeared from my outlook.

    I checked and realised that i have a calender for each email on my blackberrry! What a pain. I was able to figure out which calender entry on my BB was assigned to which email.

    Is there a way to sort this out so it syncs properly or somehow change the existing bb entries to sync under the email that goes to outlook???

    Apologies if this sounds stupid...new to the bb thing

    Love it but drives me nuts!

    08-14-09 12:32 PM
  2. cavingjan's Avatar
    First thing is to change the syncing options to prompt before deletion. This would save you bacon in this case.

    Definitely backup you calendars. Here is what I would do:
    set your default CICAL to one of your calendar with entries and sync. This will put calendar 1 into Outlook. Now switch your default CICAL to the next email with entries and sync. Since you changed the prompt prior to deletion, you will get a prompt saying that a bunch of entries are going to be deleted. Click the Resync button. This will combine both sets. Now switch to the next CICAL and repeat. When you are done and they are all in Outlook. Export your Outlook just in case. Now go through and purge all of your calendars except your last one. This will get them all on one calendar. (I'm assuming the last calendar you do is the one you want to keep. IF not, you'll have to repeat the process one more time and you should be done then) This will not get back your categories.

    Did you look in your deleted folder in Outlook for your calendar entries?
    08-14-09 10:18 PM