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    I am curious if the BlackBerry Bold has a limited number of calendar entries allowed. I have my calendar sync set up to work both ways between the device & Outlook. I only sync with Outlook Calendar. I have tried the following sync settings: all appointments, appointments between 365 days pre and post today and appointments 730 days pre and post appointments. The settings do not seem to matter. About every 3-4 syncs, it dumps almost 300 appointments. (I still have reports, etc. due around that quarter so I don't want them dumped.) I go to the deleted folder, drag them back to calendar, resync and they are added. Shampoo, Rinse, Repeat . . . like clockwork. I have around 800 total appointments on my device, some repeat annually, etc. It dumps around 300 appointments every time it decides to delete & sadly deletes them from the device and Outlook. Some are past, but some are the current month and forward.

    Today, I decided since my Bold needs a battery pull about once every 1-2 days that I would do the batter pull and then sync since my application memory was showing 0. (Hasn't someone told BB they need a reset option on the device?) Any way, application memory was back and viola . . . it dumped the appointments again.

    Is there anyone that can offer me any advice on this situation? The only add-on I have is FranklinCovey Plan Plus that works with Outlook, but it was doing this prior to updating the device to that program. Is there a good way to contact BlackBerry since I don't see this listed on their question & answer page? The only other thing I remember seeing is pay for support.

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