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    So happy to have found this secret club - I love the Bold 9900! My original (AT&T) was functioning beautifully since 2011 but suddenly died 2 days ago - I had integrated my gmail on it via BIS and was syncing my gcal (and ical) with an app called BGSync. (still available on app world.) I got a new AT & T Bold, got all my emails up and running/integrated again w/BIS (I just love me some email filters!) but the calendar starts with today. No yesterday. (We'll see if today shows up tomorrow...) WTF? It was fine when i first turned it on so I don't think it's a dud device issue - it was normal for the first couple of days, albeit empty/no events. Could i have done something that deleted the past? Is there some weird setting I ticked? (I checked options, calendar settings, etc - don't even see an option for "start with today.")

    And equally important - I can't get BGSync to work anymore, even though this device is identical to my old one and connected to my google account in all the same ways. Regular calendar synchronization doesn't work w/gcal, but never did (or at least not since 2014 or whenever Google turned its back on blackberry). So my 2nd question after calendar starting today is: is anyone here familiar with BGSync? Or some gcal (or ical) workaround?

    Also FWIW my BeBuzz doesn't work anymore either - there were 5 contacts i assigned special colors to. This was a huge deal for me. If i can't have a calendar or tailored LED light, the device loses its usefulness. (I don't care about anything but email, text, phone, memo, and calendar functions - this was the PERFECT device for me.) Help please anyone?! Pleeeeze...
    05-17-19 11:47 PM

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