1. thedino's Avatar
    I foolishly updated my BBM to V5 and hated it so did a backup via DM and then deleted BBM5 and reloaded BBM 4.6 from DM.
    I did a restore to get all my contact backs but since doing this my calendar entries are not displayed on the today screen....

    How can this be?? Anyone know how to get them back please?!!?

    08-03-09 06:34 AM
  2. cavingjan's Avatar
    Has your default CICAL changed? Are your events still associated with an email address? Is that email address the default CICAL?
    08-03-09 09:56 AM
  3. djtrent04101's Avatar
    Same thing happened to me, and it's for the reason cavingjan mentioned. Somehow the events are now associated with the device default. Even though I updated the default CICAL to my email address, that didn't help. The only thing that works is re-entering those appointments under your default CICAL.
    08-03-09 12:16 PM
  4. tp_cracker's Avatar
    Just change your default calendar. This happened to me when I upgraded to .282. Options; Advanced Options; Default Services; change the Calendar (CICAL) to the correct one.
    08-03-09 12:52 PM
  5. thedino's Avatar
    Thanks guys!!!! You rock my world!

    Thanks tp - didn't know how to set default calendar!
    08-03-09 12:55 PM