1. Marc Weill's Avatar
    I just went back to find items I had on my calendar 2 months ago and older and they seem to have disappeared. Is there a time limit to how long things stay on my older calendar and can I stop them from being erased by some automatic program?
    07-17-13 08:15 AM
  2. MPF94025's Avatar
    It may depend on how you sync. If you use BB Link and USB sync, items > 1 month are automatically deleted from BB calendar (but hopefully not your native calendar). This is 'hard-wire' into BB Link. It is a step back from BB Desktop Manager. There are multiple other "downgrades" that were introduced into BB Link w/o informing end users. BB user forums have > 100 pages and > 10,000 views on calendar/contact related sync issues.

    There may be a way around this if you sync via Yahoo, Google, etc, but I think as far as what remains on the device is a function of BB Link. The individual responsible for calendar/contact management on BB10 just left the company a week or two ago on supposedly friendly terms.This has been a catastrophic flub for BBRY not to get this perfect, whether as biz device or for social messaging/media use. A friend of mine just gave up old RIMM device and got Samsung for this reason.
    07-17-13 11:59 AM

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